Cheltenham Festival

The choir sang particularly well in their first outing to the Cheltenham Festival to compete in the Small Schools class. The school has not entered this for a number of years. There were only 9 in our choir compared to over 30 in the other schools’ choirs. We were awarded … Continue reading

Birdlip Cross Country Race

At the third and final cluster races at Birdlip, the following excellent results were achieved: Yr 1/2:Grace (2nd), Lana (5th), Mia (7th); Sam (2nd), Finn (3rd), Alfie (5th), Yr 3/4: Oliver (1st), Tom HH (2nd), Harry G (4th), Yr 5/6: Harry S (3rd), Jim (4th), Otto (6th). Overall in the … Continue reading

Balcarras Maths challenge

7 pupils took part in the Balcarras School maths challenge morning. They had a range of tasks to complete including building 3-d models using marshmallows, investigating Moebius strips, learning about Pi and programming a lego model to travel a specific distance. … Continue reading

Mock Trial

Pupils from Yrs 5 and 6 have once again taken part in the Mock Trial, a competition for schools from throughout the Stroud district, which introduces pupils to the complexities of our legal system. Eastcombe pupils took the roles of the defence team in a case which centred on cyber-bullying. … Continue reading