Aston Hall Adventure

Hedgehog class journeyed to Aston Hall to find out more about The Great Fire of London. We had a wonderful tour of the great building stopping at key rooms to further our learning! In the kitchen, we learnt about how bread ovens worked and the types of food they ate in 1666. Mia dressed up as Thomas Farrinor, and Cassia as his maid and together they imagined what it was like to light a fire using a tinder box and then baking the bread.

We climbed the grand oak staircase to one of the many bedrooms to explore what it would have been like for Samuel Pepys, a wealthy diarist, during the time of the Great Fire of London. Sam dressed as Samuel Pepys, with Amelia being Jane his maid. They re-enacted a scene from Samuel Pepys diary, when Jane first discovered the fire had started.

From here we ventured to the ballroom where we discovered why the fire spread so quickly and tried out the methods for stopping the fire. We held a fire hook and learnt what it would have been like to pass a leather bucket along a line of people to put out the fire. Charlie dressed as King Charles II and ordered for houses to be blown up using gunpowder.

After a quick lunch break, we explored more of the rooms in the house. We learnt about what life would have been like in 1666 for both the rich and the poor. The highlights were the velvet covered commode (sadly, we didn’t get to have a go) and the servants quarters in the eaves where 50 servants would sleep in one room!!

Lastly, we went to the classroom to have a go with a quill and ink. It was harder than it looked.

It was a very fun interesting day! Well done to the children for their superb answers to the guide’s questions and their thirst for more knowledge, not to mention their excellent behaviour!!

Please enjoy the pictures below.

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