Kick Off!!

  Hedgehog Class took part in the Kick Off final at Stratford Park. The children competed against six other schools and earned points by competing in a variety of ball games. I was very pleased with the children’s behaviour and team work skills. We wait in anticipation to find out … Continue reading

Sports Day 2016

Sports Day 2016 was a fun filled, action packed event! From, long jumping to toddlers racing, dribbling balls to Dad’s racing in suits, everyone was able to take part. Thank you to the huge number of parents and grandparents who came along to support their children. Well done to all … Continue reading

Aston Hall Adventure

Hedgehog class journeyed to Aston Hall to find out more about The Great Fire of London. We had a wonderful tour of the great building stopping at key rooms to further our learning! In the kitchen, we learnt about how bread ovens worked and the types of food they ate … Continue reading

Moving Vehicles

In our design and technology lessons, we had great fun making moving vehicles. After designing our vehicles, we carefully measured and cut wood to create our chassis. We stuck our chassis together using cardboard triangles, this made them a strong structure. Some of us designed nets for the body of our vehicles, … Continue reading

Country Dancing Festival

Children from Owl and Hedgehog class had great fun taking part in the annual Country Dancing Festival at Stratford Park. We were one of 14 schools dancing in the main hall to a live band called ‘The Downfielders’. The children were enthusiastic, energetic and a pleasure to be with. A … Continue reading