Hedgehog visits Hedgehog Class


On Friday, 20th November Sky the Hedgehog came to school to meet us. She is being cared for by the Hedgehog hospital. Her carers told us lots of facts about hedgehogs and were pleased to find that we already knew quite a bit! We had the chance to ask questions and get a real close up look at Sky.

We collected quite a lot of dog and cat food to give the hospital. Thank you to everyone for sending that in, they were really pleased with it.

Book Look

The children’s books will be available to look at in classrooms this Friday 3pm-3.30pm.
Please come and help us celebrate your children’s achievements and hard work.

Lost Property!

As you do the weekly washing this weekend please can you spend a few moments just checking that the uniform you are loading into the machine is yours! There are quite a few children with missing jumpers etc and we have looked in all obvious places in school, to no avail. It is quite common for jumpers especially to become muddled up and go home with another child. I appreciate your help with this matter. Many Thanks.


This term Hedgehog class have been enjoying Zumba classes on a Tuesday. We learn routines taught by our Zumba teacher, Helen, then we split into groups to make up our own routines on a different theme each week. This week out theme  was ‘The Jungle’. Can you spot any cheeky monkeys in these photographs?


Today we have sent out questionnaires to all parents/carers to find out your views on a number of significant issues.
Your views are very important to us and your honest input is vital. We’d like to know how you view the School, what you think are its strengths and weaknesses and how well the School is meeting the needs of your child. This will help determine what areas and issues we need to focus and build on.
We appreciate your support in this, and look forward to your response.

Parents’ Evenings

The first parents meetings for the year will be held after Half Term. Further details will be issued shortly but here are the dates:
Tuesday 10th November – Class 1,2 & 3
Wednesday 11th November – Class 3
Thursday 12th November – Class 1,2 & 3

Poetry Cafe

To celebrate the wonderful poetry that Hedgehog class have been writing recently, we held a poetry café in the classroom. The children took turns to read their poems to the class whilst enjoying a drink and a biscuit! We all enjoyed listening to each others work, which is now being compiled into a class poetry book. The poems were inspired by a poem entitled ‘The Magic Box’ by Kit Wright. Ask your child about the poem and see how much they can remember of the original!!

Hedgehog class enjoy French Day!

We had lots of fun during French Day. Firstly, we learnt how to count to 10 in French.

Then we tasted lots of French food. We tried different cheeses on baguette, pain au chocolat, croissant, and tarte au citron. Our favourite was the pain au chocolat!

In the afternoon, we painted pictures in the style of Paul Cezanne, a French artist.

We looked very closely at all of the colours in an apple, we saw red, orange, yellow and green.  

We mixed water colours to make the colours that we saw in the apple.

We painted our own masterpieces, then, like Cezanne, we ate the apples… yum! Some of our work is on display in the classroom.

Here are some of our photographs from the day