Why Choose Eastcombe

At Eastcombe, we are encourage our children to “Aim high, believe and achieve.”  We nurture each child and encourage them to be the best that they can be.  This therefore includes developing their enjoyment of the arts, sport, and music as well as the essential skills of reading, writing and maths. We have five school values which we teach the children and use as a focus in our learning, play and extra-curricular activities. These values are: Respect, Resilience, Responsibility, Collaboration and Kindness. British values are upheld alongside our school values. This term’s value is: Respect.

Pupil achievement:Pupils of all abitilies make good progress at our school and achievement is consistently above the national targets. We aim for every pupil to reach their potential and have the chance to shine at what they are good at and enjoy.

Our class sizes  are smaller than average, meaning that pupils can be afforded more attention by the teacher when they require it.  Pupils stay in each class for more than one year.  Consequently, the teacher and teaching assistant get to know them very well and are able to address their needs at a very individual level. 

MASH  (My After School Hub) is an independently run child-care facility that operates in a parents home; children are collected from the playground by the club’s leader.  Full details and application forms are available on the ‘After school care‘ page.

Thomas Keble secondary school is very close by and we have excellent links with it.  The majority of our pupils transfer there at 11 and, by that time, they have visited the school many times: pupils take part in sporting activities there, we hold our annual whole-school production in their school hall and Year 5 & 6 pupils attend special learning days, for example relating to science, DT or maths.  We liaise closely with the Yr 7 teachers prior to our Yr 6 pupils going there.

Here is a copy of our 2017-18 Pupil Premium Expenditure:
Here is a copy of our 2017-18 Sports Funding Expenditure:

Pupil Premium 2017-18
Sport Funding at Eastcombe Primary School 2017-18

Here is our reporting for Swimming National Curriculum Requirements 2017-18
Swimming Requirement Reporting